Healing from Trauma with Experiential and Expressive Techniques at Renew Wellness & Recovery

Renew Wellness & Recovery, a reliable women’s substance abuse treatment in Utah, offers a variety of experiential and expressive modalities to aid in our client’s internal healing because we recognize that trauma is a highly personal and individual experience.

Our trauma-informed therapeutic approaches strongly emphasize fostering a secure and encouraging environment where women can freely express their emotions and heal from trauma at their own pace. Here are some examples of the expressive and experiential methods we employ to aid our clients’ healing:

Art therapy: Because it enables patients to express their emotions and experiences creatively, it is a valuable tool for processing trauma. Whether through sculpture, painting, or drawing, art therapy can assist patients in connecting with their inner selves and comprehending their experiences more fully.

Equine Therapy: Working with horses to foster trust, communication, and empathy, equine therapy is a unique and effective method of processing trauma. Because horses are such sensitive creatures, they can aid in the growth of a client’s self-awareness and self-confidence.

Adventure Therapy: To help clients connect with nature and their inner selves, adventure therapists take them on outdoor excursions like hiking, rock climbing, or kayaking. While it aids patients in overcoming obstacles and boosting self-confidence, adventure therapy may be a tremendously uplifting experience.

Yoga and meditation are age-old practices that help lower stress and anxiety and accelerate recovery from trauma. These techniques may be immensely grounding and calming and help clients connect with their breath, body, and inner selves.

Music Therapy: Using music to encourage healing and well-being is known as music therapy. Music therapy can be a potent tool for processing trauma and expressing feelings through songwriting, listening to music, or playing an instrument.

If you’re prepared to begin your path to recovery, get in touch with Renew Wellness & Recovery right away to learn more about our trauma-informed therapy modalities.